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        Crystal garland chandelier, inspired by crystal deposits, the crystals on the circular aluminum bracket are like clusters of crystal mines. This chandelier is suitable for installation in the living room. Please note: Your payment does not include customs duties, local taxes, or any other import costs. If you have any…

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        Dew drops sparkling on a thin blade of grass expose the elemental beauty of nature that continues to fascinate us. The intimately familiar, yet still charming, shape of dew drops inspired this collection with its precise details. Lit by an internal light source offering an exceptional esthetic experience, the crystal…

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        About  The Dot Collection combines the luminosity of exposed bulbs with the richness of brass in a geometrical distribution. The result is a collection of lamps inspired by a gracefUL balance of lines and incandescent points. Please note: Your payment does not include customs duties, local taxes, or any other…

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        The Enigma 425,545,825,Pendant light emits glare-free, soft, comfortable downward light. The shade design ensures even illumination of the surface. The matte upper surface diffuses the light, while the shiny lower surface ensures optimal reflection. Please note: Your payment does not include customs duties, local taxes or any other import costs.…

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        • The material is glass. Default is clear glass. Stained glass can be customized.
        • For crystal glass, contact us for price.
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        ‘Gran Finale’ ceiling lamp are primarily made of metal, glass . The power is 40W and is available in three colors: Black, Burgundy, Brass. And we will also extend the cord according to your needs. Modern and contemporary lighting comes alive in this exquisite and unique design. Suitable for kitchen/dining…

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      • USD $250.00USD $1,350.00

        About The Heracleum Chandelier is mainly made of metal and acrylic, with a built-in LED chip. It has a maximum power of 0.5W per bulb. Metal wire frame, polycarbonate lenses and ultra-thin suspension wire. Offered in nickel or copper. The chandelier is beautifully designed. This chandelier combines elements of stylish…

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      • USD $280.00USD $16,980.00

        Hexagonal bubble chandelier  is a suspension lamp with multiple diffusers. The Hexagonal bubble chandelier is a collection of suspension lamps in which each pendant is the result of an innovative manufacturing technique that makes the product unique in terms of materials and shape. It consists in the trapping and injection…

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        USD $399.00USD $689.00

        Decorate your home with elegance and grace. The Illan LED Chandelier is a magnificent and premier piece created with a sense of motion in mind. With a background in furniture design and architecture, designer created a piece that flows with the other objects in your home, like a hanging art…

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        A vacuum is introduced to a strata composed of hot white and clear glass with copper mesh between; the vacuum causes the white layer to pull away through the embedded mesh, leaving numerous tendrils of white glass suspended within an interstitial space as it goes.Please note that during the glass…

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        The lamps are handcrafted, and each piece will have some differences.

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        Dimensions Overall: 3 heads: W 110cm x H 22cm | W 43.4″ x H 8.6″ 4 heads: W 140cm x H 22cm | W 55″ x H 8.6″ 5 heads: W 110cm x H 22cm | W 43.4″ x H 8.6″  Details Material: Brass,Glass Light source:  E27 (Dimming with Dimmable…

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      • USD $500.00USD $4,780.00

        The perfect optics of pure crystal. Light refracted through a lens is a fundamental principle of optics. Here, two lenses harmoniously encapsulate their interior source, playing a monumental symphony of lights, tone by tone. This BOMMA collection is exceptional in its design and material selections, as well as its potential…

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        This light using light guide technology, the LED lighting is evenly distributed over the face of the acrylic shade through light extraction points, creating an evenly lit atmosphere without glare. This light is designed for contemporary bedrooms, Offices and classic living rooms. Please note: Your payment does not include customs…

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        LING is a harmonious mingle of minimalism and nostalgia design which is inspired by patterned metal-fence used to be built around balconies and windows in early Taiwan. The metal glow elegantly connects acrylic and metal shade. Through inner reflection of embedded LED light source, the adorable lamp impressively creates double…

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        The lotus leaf chandelier is forged from pure copper. Suitable for installation in the living room。 Please note: Your payment does not include customs duties, local taxes, or any other import costs. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us and we will get back to you…

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