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      Layered pendant for the head of the bed, the best lighting to decorate the bedroom. Dark Green Dali Small Pendant Please note: Your payment does not include customs duties, local taxes, or any other import costs. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us and we will…

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      The designer Arik Levy presents the Wireflow free-form pendant light . The Wireflow free-form pendant light consists of black electrical cable connecting light terminals using LED light source. Hanging lamps that can be installed on the ceiling or walls offering the user carte blanche when it comes to creating interior…

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      USD $1,900.00USD $3,500.00

      The Wireflow Chandelier lamps are constructed from black electrical cable and a series of 4.5 Watt LED terminals. Vibia offer us a collection of Wireflow Chandeliers that includes models composed of 20, 46 and 43 diffusers. Wireflow other products in the same series:   Please note: Your payment does not…

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      USD $99.00USD $350.00

      The Wireflow Lineal lamps are hanging lamps designed by Arik Levy . The 2D Wireflow light fitting by Vibia is characterised principally by its black electrical cable supported by a structure of lacquered metal rods with 4.5W LED light sources. The black electrical cable combined with the metal rod structure…

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      The Wireflow 3D lamps are a system of hanging lamp fittings designed by Arik Levy . The Wireflow 3D lamp is a reinterpretation and reinvention of the classic chandelier fitting. The supporting structure for the Wireflow 3D light fitting is constructed using black electrical cable and 4.5 Watt LED light…

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